2021 and 2022 were contrasting years.  2021 was characterized by very early heat, and season long droughty conditions.  2022 was characterized by late planting, Spring would never come, and more moderate growing condition.  Despite the short season harvest went very well, perfect harvest conditions, and the yields were generally good, exceeding 85 bushels in many places.  Quality was variable but generally good.  There were no serious disease problems except BLS, it returned after an absence in droughty 2021.


TCG varieties performed very well in droughty 2021, and equally well in high yield 2022, especially our highest yielding varieties TCG-Spitfire and TCG-Wildcat.  See Table 1- and 3-year Summary, Table 2.


TCG-Spitfire is our best performing HRS across environments year in and year out with an excellent combination of yield and standability, with medium protein and TW and excellent tolerance to BLS.  TCG-Spitfire is slightly susceptible to preharvest sprouting (PHS) so timely harvest is recommended to prevent low falling numbers.


TCG-Wildcat is much like TCG-Spitfire, but it has higher protein and TW, with earlier maturity and quicker dry down, slightly better standability and good tolerance to PHS. It has a good coping reaction to BLS.  It yields right with TCG-Spitfire in most places with all the advantages.   TCG-Wildcat is a certified seed only (CSO) variety.  MS-S for scab so well-timed fungicide is a must.


TCG-Heartland is our highest quality variety based on protein and TW, it has good tolerance to PHS, with excellent standability and good yielding ability especially in the Northern Third of ND and MN.  TCG-Heartland is a certified seed only (CSO) variety.


TCG-Wildfire is an alkali tolerant choice for your tough alkali ground.


TCG-Badlands (new for 2024) a new alkali tolerant variety with better standability and yield than TCG-Wildfire. CSO variety. Test marketing in 2023.


TCG-Teddy (new for 2023) outstanding standability with big yield punch, when planted at high rates 1.8M.  Good tolerance to BLS and preharvest sprouting, which preserves high falling numbers.  CSO Variety.


T18C904 (new for 2024) this is an improved TCG-Spitfire type with better scab resistance than TCG-Spitfire, and better tolerance to preharvest Sprouting (PHS). T18C904 stands well and can produce big yields planted at normal populations (1.5M).  Increased in 2023 for sale in 2024 as a CSO variety.

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